II. Rigo Janos Memorial

II. Rigo Janos Memorial
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II. Rigo Janos Memorial
Balatonlelle, 14.06-22.06.2023 (Hungary)

Place:Balatonlelle, Hungary


Time control type:Standard
Time control description:90 minutes/ 40 move + 30 seconds per move, then 30 minutes + 30 seconds until the end of the game
Tournament system:Swiss; GM, IM and open
Organizer:Honved chess club
Official website:https://rigojanosmemorial.hu/en/


The tournament was created in memory of Janos Rigo, to pay tribute to one of the best known tournament organizers in Hungary, who for decades organized his summer tournament on the shores of Lake Balaton, which gave many domestic and foreign players the opportunity to play in a high-quality chess tournament under excellent conditions. Now, we want to continue this tradition and take it further.


Within the framework of the competition, Swiss-style open and closed GM and IM round robin tournament will be held. The Im and GM closed competitions with 10 player, which give the opportunity to meet GM and IM standards.


The location of the competition: Balatonlelle, Hungary’s most famous lake and holiday destination with lots of restaurants, boating and bathing opportunities on lake Balaton.


The organizer of the torunament is theHonved ASE chess club, where Janos Rigo became 8 time team champion.


Head of the organizitaion is Gyorgy Marti international organizer and GM Attila Czebe international organizer.


Accommodation and meals:(8638 Balatonlelle, Szent István utca 6.)Up to 30.04.2023, HUF 8,000 (20 Euro) /person/day in a 2-bed room. Possible to upgrade for single room against 40%of extra charge. To book by the deadline A 20% deposit must be paid ! After 1 of May,the accomodation cost HUF 10,000 (25 Euro)/person/night. The booking is non-refundable if the competitor does not show up at the venue or cancelling the competition!

How to reach the hotel/playing venue. If required, the organization provides a transfer, which can be requested on the entry form. The price of the transfer is Budapest-Balatonlelle. 30 Euro/person. It is also possible to get to the venue of the competition by public transport. We recommend that you rent a Minibus servicehttps://www.minibud.hu/hufrom the airport to the South Railway Station, from where there are hourly trains to Balatonlelle.


The organization provides meals under the following conditions.

Lunch menu: soup, main course (unlimited choice) and fruit HUF 3,200/ (8 Euro) portion

Menu dinner: main course (one-course meal) (all you can eat) and cake HUF 2,500/ (6.50Euro) portion

To book by the deadline a 20% deposit must be paid !

Competition hall:Balatonlellei Művelődési Ház(8638 Balatonlelle, Kossuth Lajos utca 2.)

Playing rules: Swiss system, open competition, GM and IM competition:. 90 minutes/ 40 move + 30 seconds per move, then 30 minutes + 30 seconds until the end of the game.

Prices and entry fee: Male and female GM, IM competitors are exempt from paying the entry fee, which in all other cases is HUF 10,000 (25 Euro)/person. The first 5 male and 2 female grandmaster entrants will receive free accommodation and food above 2,500 and 2,300 rating points respectively. The competition organization reserves the right to individual invitations! The prizes of the open competition in all cases are allocated! The 1st prizes of the category prizes are awarded in all cases, the 2nd and 3rd prizes at least 5 participant in the category.


    1. 300.000,- HUF (+ cup, medal and certificate) (750 Euro)
    2. 200.000,- Ft (500 Euro)
    3. 150.000,- Ft (375 Euro)
    4. 100.000,- Ft (250 Euro)
    5. 75.000,- Ft (187 Euro)
    6. 50.000,- Ft (125 Euro)
    7. 30.000 Ft (75 Euro)
    8. 30.000 Ft (75 Euro)
    9. 25.000,- HUF (62.5 Euro)
    10. 25.000,- HUF (62.5 Euro)



Category prices:

    1. 25.000,- HUF (62.5 Euro)
    2. 15.000,- HUF (50 Euro)
    3. 10.000,- HUF (25 Euro)



Best female players Best senior over 60 years of age players Best under 18 age palyers Best under 2200 rated players Best under 2000 rated players Best under 1800 rated palyers

Total price found : 975.000,- HUF + 6×50.000,- HUF, azaz 1,275.000,- HUF (3,187 Euro)

competitor can only win 1 category prize!

Prizes are tax-free, in case of a tie, we will not share it!

To decide a tie with the following rules:
Closed torunaments:

  1. Berger-Sonneborn
  2. result against each other
  3. more win
  4. lottery


Open section:

  1. Progressiv
  2. Buchholz
  3. result against each other
  4. more win
  5. lottery


The program of the competition:
Opening ceremony 14.06.2023, 2:30 p.m
1st round 14.06.2023, 15:00
2nd round 15.06.2023 15:00
3rd round. 16.06.2023 15:00
4th round: 17.06.2023 15:00
5th round: 18.06.2023 15:00
6th round: 19.06.2023 15:00
7th round: 20.06.2023 15:00
8th round: 21.06.2023 15:00
9th round: 22.06.2023 10.00

Click on the entry menu at the top of the page,
Download pdf file and open with Word program
Fill in the required fields, then send it back to the appropriate email address.

You will then receive a confirmation email with the amount to be paid and the bank account number where should be transferred.

The champion receives free accommodation and food for the following year. (if you bring back the wanderer’s goblet)

Entry: honvedsakk@gmail.com

Accomodation and food: honvedsakk@gmail.com

We warmly welcome all chess competitors who want to spend 9 days in a family atmosphere, Hungary’s most popular holiday destination at Lake Balaton.

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