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Teplice, Czech Republic 10th – 18th June 2023 Prize Fund: 190 000,-CZK.

Organized by            Teplice Chess Club, Srbice 139, Teplice 415 01, Czech Republic.

Date                           June 10th – 18th 2023

Venue                         House of Culture (Dům kultury), Mírové nám. 2960, Teplice.

System                       9-round Swiss

Pace of games           90 minutes per 40 moves + 30 minutes until end of game with

30 second bonus per each player from the beginning of the game. Waiting time for late comers is 60 minutes.


Extras                       Players may agree on a draw only after black´s 30 th move. (Sofia rule).

The player logging in to the tournament agrees to taking photos and

to publish these of her/himself photos on chess servers and newspapers.


Main refree               GM Vladimír Talla (IA) Phone: +420 608 468 895.

Director                     Milan Maščák, Phone: +420 704 000 567, milan.mascak@gmail.com

Enrollment                House of Culture (Dům kultury), Mírové nám. 2960, Teplice.

June 9th 2023 between 18:00 and 20:00 hrs.

June 10th 2023 between 9:00 and 14:00 hrs.

A player who shows up to attendance on June10th after 2 p.m. without a prior phone or written apology will be drawn from the 2nd round.


Application                tepliceopen@seznam.cz


Ranking criteria       1. number of points

  1. medium Buchholz
  2. Buchholz
  3. average opponents ELO
  4. lot





Admission fees (in CZK) payable in cash as a part of enrollment.

Individual conditions for a limited number of titled players. Please, contact the organizer.


FIDE ELO > 24001.100,- CZK
FIDE ELO 2300 – 23991.200,- CZK
FIDE ELO 2200 – 22991.300,- CZK
FIDE ELO 2100 – 21991.400,- CZK
FIDE ELO 1900 – 20991.500,- CZK
FIDE ELO < 18991.600,- CZK
no FIDE ELO1.700,- CZK

Discounts (no accumulations): Disabled players – discount 50% Woman, FM, player b. 1958 and older – discount 200,- CZK

TEPLICE OPEN 2023 – prizes


1. Rankcup + 50.000,- CZK°Woman1. Rank: 3.500,-CZK+
2. Rankcup + 35.000,- CZK2. Rank: 2.000,- CZK++
3. Rankcup + 25.000,- CZK3. Rank: 1.500,- CZK+++
4. Rank15.000,- CZKBest player with ELO < 21001.000,- CZK
5. Rank9.000,- CZKBest player without a tittle1.000,- CZK
6. Rank8.000,- CZKBest junior (b.2005 and younger)1.000,- CZK
7. Rank7.000,- CZKSeniors S60 (b.1963 and older)1. Rank – 1.000,- CZK·

2. Rank – 3.000,-CZK··

3. Rank – 2.000,-CZK···

8. Rank6.000,- CZKBest player from Czech Republic4.000,- CZK
9. Rank5.000,- CZKOldest player500,-CZK····
10. Rank4.000,- CZKYoungest playermaterial award
11. Rank3.000,- CZKJumpermaterial award + 1.000,-


12. Rank2.000,- CZK



  • ° The winner of the tournament whose point difference from the second in the ranking will be atleast half a point, gets a bonus of 000,- CZK. (55.000,- CZK)
  • + 4.500,-CZK from the FIDE subsidy is added to the 1st prize for woman. (8.000,-CZK)

++ 4.000.-CZK from the FIDE subsidy is added to the 2nd prize for woman. (6.000,-CZK)

+++ 3.500,-CZK from the FIDE subsidy is added to the 3rd prize for woman. (5.000,-CZK)

  • 3.000,-CZK from the FIDE subsidy is added to the 1st prize for senior S60. (4.000,-CZK)
  • · FIDE subsidy for the 2nd prize for senior S60.
  • ·· FIDE subsidy for the 3rd prize for senior S60.
  • ··· FIDE subsidy for oldest player.


  • Prize money and other prizes may


  • Prizes above 10.000,- CZK are subject to taxation in accordance with legal acts of the Czech


  • Best ELO-Jumper is hereby stipulated as a player with the biggest difference of Jumper ́s ELO is always lower then his opponent ́s ELO.


  • Contumations wins do not count.


  • Financial awards will be paid after the final


  • If any prizewinner does not take his/her prize over, it is subject to the benefit of the


Fri 9.6.18:00 – 20:00Enrollment
Sat 10.6.9:00 – 14:00Enrollment
16:15Opening ceremony
16:301. Round
Sun 11.6.15:002. Round
Mon 12.6.15:003. Round
Tue 13.6.15:004. Round


Wed 14.6.15:005. Round
Thu 15.6.15:006. Round
Fri 16.6.15:007. Round
Sat 17.6.15:008. Round
Sun 18.6.9:009. Round
15:30Final ceremony


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